What’s That Smell: Motorhome Odor Identifiers

Motorhome Odors and Smells

What's that smell in my motorhome?

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know when something is out of kilter with your coach. The folks at acdelco.com offer up the following odor identifiers (for smells other than that ripe bouquet emanating from your holding tank):

  • Acrid odor (like burned toast) — Electrical short
  • Burning material or rubber odor — Overheated brakes or clutch
  • Clear liquid with a smell — Brake fluid leak
  • Sweet odor — Antifreeze or coolant leak
  • Sulfur odor (like rotten eggs) — Emissions equipment, propane, or maybe stagnant water in the coaches water system

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  1. Avatar for Motorhomes Byron Hukee says:

    In your article, What’s That Smell: Motorhome Odor Identifiers, I would like to submit an additional cause for your “surfer odor” item. On our very first trip after we purchased our used Class C motorhome, we notices the surfer, rotten egg smell and realized it was the water that smelled. A little research told us that water systems, particularly the water heater tank can be the source of such a smell if it has not been cleaned (sanitized) in a while. Apparently ours had not. We were able to rid the water smell by adding a mild bleach solution to the water, then flushing out the lines with clear water.

    Byron Hukee

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