New Revolutionary Exterior Kitchen Design on a Motorhome

Motorhome manufacturer Thor Motor Coach introduced a new 34SS Daybreak floor plan with an innovative exterior kitchen at the 45 annual Timonium RV Show in Maryland.

Outside / Exterior Motorhome Kitchen

Whether Camping or Tailgating this Outside Kitchen Is Sure To Be A Hit.

“We’ve seen an explosion of outside kitchens on towable products, but nothing from motorhome manufacturers. This new upscale exterior kitchen design fits our motorhome demographic and is sure to be a home run”, commented Mike Peterson, Product Manager for the Daybreak.

The Daybreak 34SS floor plan launched with an optional fully functional exterior kitchen on the camp-side of the coach. It features a 11,000 BTU easy clean stainless steel LP grill, 19” widescreen HD TV, and a 4.6 cubic foot mini fridge.  Another industry first for a motorhome is the integrated single bowl sink.  This sink drains just like the interior sinks, into the grey water holding tank.  This is a very desirable upgrade compared to many trailers that simply drain onto the ground.

Bob Wilson, Sales manager at Leo’s Vacation Center, was the first person to see the new kitchen when it arrived to the Timonium show.  “I was blown away with the new kitchen design.  Many of the trailers we carry have a kitchen outside, but to have it in a motorhome really blew me away.  Our customers are the big winners on this one.”

We understand that RV’s are not “one size fits all”, so when massive exterior storage is desired over the outside kitchen, the Daybreak 34SS comes standard with an oversized camp-side exterior compartment with the VersaTrac© modular storage system. The customizable storage system has optional attachments such as hooks, bins, loop, etcetera that makes RV storage a snap.

Motorhome With an Outside Kitchen OptionYou can find out more about Daybreak Motorhomes on or on Thor Motor Coach by calling (800)860.5658, visit, or writing us at : Thor Motor Coach, Inc., PO Box 1486., Elkhart, Ind., 46515.

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Motorhome Finish: Bugs & Road Grime

Motorhome Windshield Bug Splatter and Maintenance

I Love Motorhomes, Bugs Don't.

Wash bugs and road grime off the front of your motorhome as soon as possible after driving, so that the acids in the bugs do not damage the finish.

Also, a quality wax and protectant applied to the cleaned surface will increase the shine and reduce effort when removing bugs and grime in the future.

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Video Tour of the Tuscany Rear Diesel Class A Motorhome

Thor Motor Coach Video Tour & Review of Features of The Tuscany Diesel Pusher presented by Motorhome Specialist in Texas

More About This Diesel Motorhome>>

More About This Dealership>>

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What’s That Smell: Motorhome Odor Identifiers

Motorhome Odors and Smells

What's that smell in my motorhome?

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know when something is out of kilter with your coach. The folks at offer up the following odor identifiers (for smells other than that ripe bouquet emanating from your holding tank):

  • Acrid odor (like burned toast) — Electrical short
  • Burning material or rubber odor — Overheated brakes or clutch
  • Clear liquid with a smell — Brake fluid leak
  • Sweet odor — Antifreeze or coolant leak
  • Sulfur odor (like rotten eggs) — Emissions equipment, propane, or maybe stagnant water in the coaches water system
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RV Lifestyle Features The 2011 31X Serrano

Front Engine Diesel (FRED) Motorhome - Serrano

RV Lifestyle Magazine - Vol. 39 Issue 6

a front engine diesel with the sleek exterior lines, compact size and fuel efficiency that modern RV enthusiasts have been looking for

– Norm Rosen, RV Lifestyle Magazine.

More about the Serrano Motorhome>>

Read the full article>>

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New Class C Floor Plan Ready For Family Fun

Class C 28Z Motorhome

Family Fun: Class C 28Z Motorhome

The new Four Winds 28Z class C motorhome has a well placed mid-ship high definition LED TV.

  • New single slide floor plan with mid-ship TV
  • Razor thin Vizio LED backlit LCD TV mounted mid-ship, viewable from the sofa, dinette and bunk overhead
  • Kitchen is angled to provide more usable work space without blocking the TV, so the cook can be in the kitchen while the guests are in the living area enjoying the game
  • All in one back provides privacy without impeding the walk way to the bedroom

More About The Class C 28Z>>

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Motorhome Battery Water Maintenance

Motorhome Battery Maintenance

Common 6-Volt Motorhome House Battery

Summertime temperatures result in faster water use in both 6-volt and 12-volt batteries in your motorhome.

Check your coach batteries and top them with distilled water for the longest service life.

*Always Review Your Owners Manual Before Servicing Your Coaches Batteries.
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Entry Level Class A Motorhome Review: Hurricane 32A

Thor Motor Coach 32A: Class A Gas Motorhome

Class A 32' Motorhome = Family Fun

Successfully creating a high-end look while maintaining affordability has kept the Hurricane line a popular choice in the gas-A segment.”

Fred Pausch, Motorhome Magazine

More On This Class A Gas Motorhome>>

Read The Full Review>>

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Because Motorhome Quality Is Not A Part-time Commitment!

Thor Motor Coach rolled out their “Gold Star Inspection” program today. The new program requires every motorhome to pass a 200+ point Gold Star Inspection before it ships to the dealership. In addition, after the dealer accepts delivery of each coach they will be contacted by a Thor Motor Coach Customer Service Representative. The Gold Star Inspection will include testing of the appliances, LP, electrical, heating, air conditioning and water systems.  Each coach will also undergo a road test, high pressure 360 degree rain test, and a detailed review of the coach’s fit and finish.


Rain Booth Testing On All Motorhomes

“Requiring every motorhome we manufacturer to pass our extensive Gold Star Inspection process gets us closer to our goal of a ‘zero-defect’ coach. Our dealers need to know that when they are receiving a Thor Motor Coach product it’s in show ready condition.” – Bill Fenech President and CEO of Thor Motor Coach. Bill went on to say “The dealer’s feedback from the Gold Star Inspection program will be instrumental.  It provides us the opportunity to be pro-active with our quality control and customer service efforts, and allows us to make improvements immediately”.

“The personal contact with each dealership is another way for us to let our dealers and customers know that Thor Motor Coach is committed to building a quality product while providing the best service experience in the industry”, stated Janaé Kurtz Vice President of Customer Service for Thor Motor Coach.


Because Motorhome Quality Is Not A Part Time Commitment.

More About The Gold Star Inspection Program>>

You can find out more about Thor Motor Coach by calling (800)860.5658, visit, or writing us at : Thor Motor Coach, Inc., PO Box 1486., Elkhart, Ind., 46515.

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Keeping Your Motorhome Fresh Water Tanks Sanitized

Motorhome/RV Fresh Water Tank

Common Motorhome/RV Fresh Water

Motorhome Freshwater tanks should be sanitized regularly, especially in hot weather. To freshen the water system, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the water tank half full.
  2. Add a solution of 1/4-cup household bleach and 1 gallon of water for every 15 gallons of tank capacity.
  3. Open all the faucets until all air has been bled from the system and the water coming out has the odor of the bleach solution before shutting off the taps.
  4. After three to five hours, drain the water system and refill it with fresh water
  5. Run water through all faucets and then drain the system again.
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