The Foundation of a Thor Motor Coach

At Thor Motor Coach, we build many of the world’s most recognized brands of motorhomes. To make sure your new motorhome is the perfect fit for you and your family our engineers work with MORryde International, the leader in chassis modification to design and construct the foundation for your motorhome.

MORryde provides the steel assembly that makes-up the basement storage and support structure of the motorhome. Raw chassis come to us from leading chassis builders like Ford, Chevrolet, Freightliner, and Mercedes Benz.

Computer-aided design models allow Thor Motor Coach engineers to provide MORryde with all the information needed to make the perfect parts for each chassis.

A specialized steel cutting and forming process is used for each individual part. The use of these metal forming machines help create consistency throughout the build.

Many chassis need to be modified based on the floorplan of the motorhome. These chassis will be stretched to provide the optimum combination of storage and drivability. Steel C-channels are welded in place to provide strength and rigidity.

The lengthening of the chassis requires a modified drive line. New drive shafts connect to the transmission and rear differential. Specialized machines are used to create the correct drive angles and balance the new driveshafts before being installed on the unit.

Steel cross-members make-up the largest section of the structure; spanning horizontally, from side-to-side, over the main frame rails – these cross members support the floor of the coach while evenly spreading the weight of the coach while providing stability while driving.

With the newly formed structure in place, the chassis is brought in for painting to protect the raw steel from the elements. This special paint is formulated to help inhibit rust and corrosion. Special attention is spent to ensure only the steel structure is painted, leaving all of the automotive components with the standard coating provided by the chassis manufacturer.

Even though you can’t see what’s beneath the beauty of the motorhome, you can be certain Thor Motor Coach and MORryde International have created a strong foundation meant to stand the test of time.

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