Motorhome Finish: Bugs & Road Grime

Motorhome Windshield Bug Splatter and Maintenance

I Love Motorhomes, Bugs Don't.

Wash bugs and road grime off the front of your motorhome as soon as possible after driving, so that the acids in the bugs do not damage the finish.

Also, a quality wax and protectant applied to the cleaned surface will increase the shine and reduce effort when removing bugs and grime in the future.

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  1. Avatar for Motorhomes Cleveland says:

    Bookmarked, I enjoy your blog! :)

  2. Avatar for Motorhomes Curt Chandler says:

    I spent several hours detailing my RV after 1600mi trip. The bugs all over the front were a chore to get off. Still needs another once-over! I will have to do it by hand then I’ll wax it good for sure!!

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