Class C Motorhome Reviews: 2012 Four Winds 23U RV

Class C Motorhomes:
Dana Philp
23U Class C Motorhomes

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On August 2, 2012
Last modified:August 3, 2012


"This coach handles beautifully. People like driving Class Cs because they’re in their comfort zone. It feels like you’re driving a pickup truck or an SUV."... "I also love the exterior storage compartment. It’s huge and has spaces that act as coolers when you add ice to them. The awning runs the length of the coach and the entry is nice and wide."

Class C Motorhome Reviews (Class C RV Reviews)

Dana Philp with 28+ years RV experience reviews the 23U Class C Motorhomes

Quote From Review:Thor Motor Coach is a major player in the RV industry. They offer the “Shield of Protection” on all their coaches, which is a Gold Star Inspection before the coach ships from their factory. Each coach also comes with Concierge Connection, a 24/7 customer hotline and “Rapid Response” on parts.

– Dana Philp 28+ years RV sales experience, black belt in RV fun


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