Class A Motorhomes Reviews: 2012 Thor ACE in Canada

Norm Rosen from Canada’s RV Lifestyle Magazine Reviews the ACE Motorhome…


Canada's RV Lifestyle Reviews the Class A ACE Motorhome

a melding of the best attributes of the class A motorhome concept with the compact affordability of the class C models. It is, as the engineers at Thor Motor Coach describe, the ideal combination of the drivability, interior space, and fuel economy of a compact class A motorhome, with the interior features and  maneuverability of the class C design. That is why the units are called A.CE. – an acronym for A and C Evolution.

On the road, the A.C.E. is a pure pleasure. Stable, peppy, and fun to drive, it is very easy to get used to.

The Bottom Line – For those who are looking to move up to a Class A motorhome that is designed for 21st century touring, or experienced RV’ers interested in downsizing to a more compact and fuel efficient unit, the A.C.E. is at the top of our “must see” list. A very fine handling vehicle that suits the needs of a wide cross section of Canadian RV families…” -Norm Rosen, RV Lifestyle Magazine


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