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MotorhomesThor Motor Coach is the #1 motorhome brand in North America, producing nearly 1 out of every 4 motorhomes sold each year. TMC leads the RV industry in introducing cutting-edge innovations and offering a variety of options that fit every customer’s lifestyle and budget.

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Thor Motor Coach’s diverse product lineup includes many of the world’s most recognized gas-and diesel-powered Class A and Class C motorhomes, including the Four Winds, Challenger, Chateau, ACE and Tuscany models. By building a variety of unique styles, sizes and floor plans, TMC offers motorhomes that feel custom-made –at a truly competitive price.


RV Industry Leader & North America’s #1 Motorhome Brand

With so many unique models available, Thor Motor Coach’s motorhomes are priced to fit anyone’s budget –from families buying their first motorhome, to full-timers looking for a roaming “dream home.” No matter how you choose to spend your time or your money, there’s a TMC motorhome that fits your needs.

Shop our New Motorhomes and find us on the web at http://ThorMotorCoach.com/

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Motorhomes To Fit Everyone’s Needs:

Class C Motorhomes Brands:Class-C-Motorhome-Brands

Super C Motorhome Brands:Super-C-Motorhome-Brands

Class B Plus Motorhome Brands (Gas):Class-B-Plus-Motorhome-Brands

Class B Plus Motorhome Brands (Diesel):Mercedes-Motorhome-Brands

Class A RUV Motorhomes:RUV-Motorhome-Brands

Class A Motorhome Brands (Gas):Class-A-Motorhome-Brands

Class A Diesel Luxury Motorhomes:Luxury-Motorhome-Brands


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RV of the Year Award 2014


Voted Best RV of the Year 2013-2014 by RV Business
Best New RV - Axis RUV

2014 Vegas RUV – RV of the Year

Best RV of the Year - Vegas  RUV

2014 Axis RUV – RV of the Year

“attractive exterior styling that would put the coach right at home on any European highway. And there’s a profusion of space inside, including an electronically actuated bunk over the cockpit and a unique double-hinged “extender-room” door that essentially turns the mid-coach bathroom into a virtual changing room, which drew the overall kudo’s of RVB’s staff.” – RV Business


Rollin’ On TV Reviews the New Class A RUV’s from Thor Motor Coach

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More Than Just Small Class A Motorhomes…

There’s a New Kid in Town…  The RUV!Small Class A Motorhomes

What’s an RUV you may ask? Well, an RUV is a Recreational Utility Vehicle.  Unlike any other recreational vehicle, an RUV is sized and engineered to drive like a SUV.  Available in two flavors from North America’s most chosen motorhome manufacturer Thor Motor Coach, the Axis and Vegas have a revolutionary design that is redefining the industry and the way people live their active lives, enjoy their families and, of course, having fun.

What makes the RUV so radically different?  Well, one major difference is the size.  The RUV is more like a large SUV, measuring just over 25 feet long and 8 feet wide.  It is able to fit in the tightest of spaces, like the parking lot at the mall, the drive-thru or parallel parking downtown.  What’s even better is that it drives like a dream.  Those small dimensions, long limousine wheelbase and low the center of gravity make the RUV nimble and agile.  Down the busiest highways or parking in the most obscure spots, the RUV is able to respond.

New 2014 Class A Vegas RUVThe very cool, aerodynamic front end and tapered sides provide lines that glide through the wind, adding to the sleek ride.  An angled windshield maximizes vision on the road, providing the ultimate pantographic view.  Exterior side mirrors with integrated side cameras provide peace of mind when changing lanes, increasing the overall safety aspect of driving a RUV.

Aesthetically, the RUV is just down right gorgeous.  Modern, European, inspired LED accent lighting makes the vehicle get double and triple takes.  The frameless, automotive styled, windows add to glitz and glamour while accenting the sexy lines of the front cap.  Thor Motor Coach’s premium HD-MAX™ full color exteriors provide the look full vehicle paint, while savings thousands of dollars in cost.  When it comes down to it, the RUV is a vehicle you want to own, because it looks that good!

Click Here To Learn More.

Small Class A Motor Homes

Looking good is only part of what these RUV’s bring to the table. The amazing functionality also leads to incredible savings. Time savings, money savings and sanity savings in a simple utility vehicle.

A plethora of storage capacity provides the space to take gear and more, regardless if it’s for the day, the week or the year.  Pass through storage compartments and an oversized Mega-Storage™ bay in the back are well suited to swallow up bicycles, kayaks and coolers.  No SUV can match the Axis or Vegas RUV when it comes to storage space.
These Small Class A are the next Big Thing...The living area’s sofa is arranged with a TV that’s viewable at any angle while out on the road.  Better yet, the driver and passenger seats swivel around to create a breakfast nook, complete with table.  The space is ideal for a quick games of cards or that morning cup of java.  The innovative design creates an open faced living area with the cockpit seats joining in on the conversation.  Additionally, the passenger seat converts to a PC work station with 110/12V plug access.  Multiple uses is what the RUV is all about!
More than just an SUV... Superior FlexibilityWhy suffer through another road trip, stopping for greasy fast food.  An RUV incorporates a fully operational kitchen with a microwave, stove top, refrigerator and a large deep sink.  Cabinets and drawers with multiple spaces hold an incredible amount of utensils, snacks and cooking essentials. Get back to family time with a meal together, fixed in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Besides being functional, the interior of the RUV is sleek and modern. The rattan encased cabinetry and accented furniture gives the vehicle a cosmopolitan look.  The RUV is designed with fabrics and flooring which are accommodating, pet friendly and easy to clean.   LED lighting beautifully highlights the distinct interior, while being eco-friendly by producing less heat and using less electricity.

Expand-A-Room Makes Small Big

Thor Motor Coach’s Expand-A-Room Makes For A Large Bathroom

Inside, you have the flexibility of choice to configure your own space.  A nifty drop down overhead bunk above the cockpit seats hides above in the ceiling.  The ample oversized sofa opens up to a bed with an air mattress.  Now that’s smart!  An ingenious dual twin beds with premium Denver Mattress’ has the ability to transform into an oversized King bed. Yes a King Bed!

Bedroom storage is abundant with cubbies and cabinets both above and below the bed.  An ingenious feature is the “Expand-A-Room” in the bath area.  This room expanse increases the bathroom size by three fold.  There is plenty of room to change, access the wardrobe, brush your teeth and even do your morning Pilates.

To categorize the RUV is difficult.  It can be so many things.  In a nutshell, it’s a stylish, sleek vehicle that performs with the responsiveness of an SUV.

All Travel Becomes A Vacation...All Travel Becomes A Vacation…

Learn More:
Axis Class A RUVs – http://Axis-Motorhomes.com
Vegas Class A RUVs - http://Vegas-Motorhomes.com


More Class A RUV Photos


Rollin’ On TV Reviews the New Class A RUV’s from Thor Motor Coach

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Road Trip with the New Axis & Vegas RUV Motorhomes

Recreational-Utility-Vehicle-RV-MotorhomesFirst Off What’s An RUV? The RUV is a whole new class of vehicles!  The RUV, a Recreational Utility Vehicle is specifically designed for today’s lifestyles.  Sized like a typical full size SUV, the RUV includes a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen with a refrigerator.  No SUV can boast that!  You can haul more, do more and enjoy life more in a RUV.  And at an affordable price tag… what’s not to love?

Do you fall into one of these categories?

  • You attend kid’s events all weekend, dreading the long drives to tournaments and another night at a hotel sleeping on other people’s comforters and sheets? Not to mention dreading those enormous hotel bills!
  • You love the fact your daughter has fallen in love with cheerleading, but who knew all these competitions would be every week?  Now how do you get those bills paid, figure out school schedules for the next week, and find time to entertain her and her two BFF’s between competitions?
  • You are at the point in life where you can spend a month in Florida to get out of the cold northern weather. Flights and airports are such a pain.  You are not looking forward to driving the car that doesn’t have enough room for several months worth of luggage. You dread the hassle of finding, getting, and moving your stuff into a hotel room just for a nights rest.  Oh, not to mention when you’re there where do you put the grand kids when they want to come down to visit?

If any of these statements are “true”, it might be the perfect time to check out a RUV!!!

RVing in a RUV Motorhome

Our Road Trip starts at Thor Motor Coach ‘s headquarters in Elkhart Indiana.

Link: Live Trip Log>>

Day 1… So far drive has been great.  The RUV has been very comfortable to drive; I’ve been able to have one hand on the steering wheel. It drives more like my SUV, soft ride, easy to navigation in town,  quick when passing, it even hands the highway’s curves with precision. I’ve found the seats comfortable and very supportive, making the drive even more enjoyable.

Got more than 600 miles under our belt traveling with our new recreational utility vehicle (RUV).
The trip so far has been more relaxing than driving my normal SUV.  I’m up above traffic with a view of the road ahead; the fridge is fully stocked with drinks and snacks. I have to say it is very convenient;  we have everything we could want right here in this RUV.


“In the new 2014 Vegas RUV I’ve found its road manners more like my SUV, where I’m comfortable with hand driving with one hand on the wheel.”

E-350 Class A Motorhomes

Hitting the road in the New 2014 Vegas RUV by Thor Motor Coach – Chicago, Illinois

Day 2… We’re just passing through the heartland of our country this morning. We are moving through Topeka Kansas as we speak. The skies are blue the roads are clear, it looks like it’s going to be a great day for driving. Driving the RUV is a breeze.

Day 3… Great driving today as we moved out of beautiful farmland of Kansas and into Colorado.  We woke to beautiful sunshine, and after a quick bite to eat, we hit the road.

I-70 West through Denver is an awesome drive.  We had plenty of opportunities to see the picturesque natural wonders of our great nation.  We went looking for the elusive snow bunnies, but we came up short with our visit to Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail and Winter Park.

We ended our travel with a relaxing evening of chicken wings and a good night’s stay at the Junction RV West campground. The twin beds that convert to a King bed make sleeping not only comfortable, but downright heavenly.  Who would have thought a 25 foot RUV would have a King Bed?

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Axis RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Axis RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado

2014 Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV in Denver Colorado


The Vegas RUV offers the best amenities of a motorhome but in a compact easy to drive package like an SUV.


2014 Vegas RUV traveling through the mountains in Denver, Colorado

Day 4…


The Axis RUV size gives it a go anywhere attitude but with all the conveniences of home.
Arches National Park Moab, Utah

Best in Class Family Motorhoming / RVing

2014 Vegas RUV RVing in Arches National Park Moab, Utah

Day 5…

Motorhome Camping & Travel

Here’s last night’s campsite at the local KOA in Cedar City, Utah…
Wow, this coach sure draws a crowd wherever we go.

Day 6…


State parks can be easily accessed by these smaller motorhomes giving you access to all of these national treasures across the US and Canada.

Fuel Efficient Class A Motorhomes

Fuel Efficiency & Spaciousness have merged, so grab the kids and hit the road with just a turn of this RUV’s key…

Rollin’ On TV Reviews the New Class A RUV’s from Thor Motor Coach


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New 2014 Palazzo Diesel Motorhomes Now w/ Frameless Windows

New 2014 Palazzo Class A Diesel Motorhomes

New 2014 Diesel Motorhomes

The sleek new 2014 Palazzo Diesel Pushers from North America’s Top Motorhome Manufacturer Thor Motor Coach now come standard with frameless windows. Also new on the 2014 Palazzo Motorhomes you find the gorgeous Forkstone exterior paint package.

New 2014 Palazzo Diesel Motorhome Paint PackageNew for 2014, the Palazzo’s Sleek Forkstone Exterior Paint Package

More About the new 2014 Palazzo Diesel Motorhomes>>
More Photos of the 2014 Palazzo Motorhomes>>

Shop Other Class A Diesel Motorhomes For Sale>>

More About North America’s Top Motorhome Manufacturer>>

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New Super C Motorhomes Popular at 2013 Tampa RV Show

Tampa RV Show’s Retail Sales Heat Up With New “Super C RVs” 

The retail public gets its first glimpse of the New Super C Motorhomes from Thor Motor Coach, with the introduction of the new 33SW.  This new model will be available in the already best selling Four Winds and Chateau brands, filling the void in today’s market for “powerful” diesel powered class C motorhome.

New Super C Motorhomes for Sale

The new 33SW Super C Motorhomes are now for sale at your local RV dealership.

Known for its durability and ride quality, the Ford F-550 chassis serves as the foundation of the 33SW Super C’s with a GVWR topping out at 19,500-lbs.  300-hp, with a hefty 660-lb.ft of torque comes from the most advance diesel engine in its class, Ford’s fuel sipping 6.7L PowerStroke™.  With a plenty power and Ford’s tough 6-speed transmission these motorhomes are capable of towing up to 10,000.

These Super C’s, easy to drive Ford F-550 Super Duty™ platform offers it owners the benefit of both commercial strength and durability as well as a luxurious automotive cabin and superb ride quality. In addition to Thor Motor Coach’s vast service center network these coaches will be backed by thousands of consumer friendly Ford service centers throughout North America.


Both these new Super C Motorhomes come standard with Thor Motor Coach’s HD-MAX™ High Definition Exteriors Finishes.  Every 33SW comes with a long list of standard exterior features which include a 5.5 Onan generator with automatic start, dual 13.5K air conditioners, slam latch baggage doors, Bigfoot leveling jacks and a fully molded, one-piece front cap.

Take a look inside a 33SW and you’ll find upscale features more like a luxury yacht, than a traditional class C motorhome.  With the customer’s needs in mind these Super C’s come standard with a Full-Size Residential Refrigerator, 30” over the range microwave, solid surface countertops, 1800-watt power inverter, and solar and privacy window roller shades.

“After the first day here in Tampa, we are getting great feedback on the new Super C Motorhomes.  The new 33SW is turning heads with the additional living space created using the Ford F550 chassis.   Features like diesel power, more maneuverability, better towing capability  and better driving comfort  are what our customers tell us is missing from the larger Class C RV market”, remarked Joel Grimm, National Sales Manager for gas motorhome at Thor Motor Coach.

To see all the new products at the 2013 Tampa RV Show click here.

The full details for both of Thor Motor Coach Super C Motorhomes can be found at: http://fourwinds-super-c.com and http://chateau-super-c.com

For more information about Thor Motor Coach, call (800) 860-5658, visit http://ThorMotorCoach.com, or write to: Thor Motor Coach, Inc., PO Box 1486, Elkhart, Indiana 46515.


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Tampa RV Show: What’s Hot Preview

You’re invited to check out the latest Diesel Pushers, Class A, Class B Plus, Diesel Super C, & Class C motorhomes that will be on display this week at the Tampa RV Super Show in Tampa, Florida starting January 16th through 20th, 2013.

Thor Motor Coach, North America’s most trusted and chosen motorhome manufacturer since 2010 will have several new motorhomes on display throughout the RV show at the Florida State Fairgrounds in sunny Tampa, FL.

Tampa RV Show's Thor Motor Coach
Tampa RV Show Dates: 1/16/2013 through 1/20/2013
Tampa RV Show Hours: 1/16/2013   9 AM to 6 PM  Wednesday
1/17/2013   9 AM to 6 PM  Thursday
1/18/2013   9 AM to 6 PM  Friday
1/19/2013   9 AM to 6 PM  Saturday
1/20/2013   9 AM to 5 PM  Sunday
Tampa RV Show Address: Florida RV Super Show
Florida State Fairgrounds
4800 US Highway 301 North
Tampa, FL 33610
Complete Florida RV Show Details, Entry Coupon, & Show Map:Link: http://ThorMotorCoach.com/Tampa-RV-Show.php

Quick Look at a few of the exciting new products you’ll find at the 2013 Tampa RV Show…

Super C Motorhomes with Diesel

The new 33SW “Super C Motorhome” has been added to the Four Winds and Chateau line just in time to get ready for summer camping.  This new platform Class C is built on a powerful Ford F-550 truck chassis, equipped with a PowerStroke 6.7L diesel engine.  This brawny beast can tow a whopping 10,000-lbs and even includes a built in brake controller for hook-up, and get going right from the dealership.  Check out the coolest thing to happen to Class C RV’s in a long time!!Super C Motorhomes at Tampa RV Show

Link: Four Winds New Super C Motorhomes  |  http://FourWinds-Super-C.com

Class C RVs

The 2013 Four Winds and Chateau Class C Motorhomes are a staple of the Tampa RV Shows. These are two of the top selling Class C motorhomes because they offer the best combination of value and substance.  Look for the new 26A floorplan with an innovative rear slide design providing a shorter coach with a full walk around queen bed in display #220 & 610 at the 2013 Tampa RV Show.

Class B Plus Motorhomes & Sprinter RVs

The fuel efficient 2013 Siesta and Citation motorhomes have an exciting offering highlighted by the creative use and abundance of exterior storage.  Fun items like campsite stereo speakers and removable rear TVs make these models great for tailgating too. If you’re looking to go diesel, look no further, the Siesta & Citation are available on the diesel sipping Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RV chassis.
Look for the popular 24SR model on the Siesta Sprinter and Citation Sprinter brands, two slide-outs including one that slides out the rear wall in the bedroom.

Diesel Pushers & Luxury Class A Diesel RVs

You’re invited to submerge yourself in the life of luxury, so let Tuscany be your vacation home. Think of it as your own private villa conveniently located wherever you park for the evening. With breathtaking styling, elegant comfortable furnishings, and 5-star amenities the Tuscany is just the beginning of memorable luxury vacations.

With popular floor plans like the 42-foot, 42WX and 45-foot, 45LT luxury liners the Tuscany will satisfy even the most discerning consumers.  The all new compact 34ST Tuscany XTE is dressed to impress as a fuel-efficient alternative for those looking to down size from a larger coach.

Luxury Diesel Motorhomes at Tampa RV Show

The 2013 Palazzo diesel pushers packs all the goodies of bigger rigs in a low-profile, value priced package. The state park friendly, 33-ft. to 36-ft. floorplans are the perfect size to accommodate the full timer or occasional weekend traveler.   The Palazzo line has already earned a solid reputation for being the best value in its class.  Watch for the 36.1 bath-and-a-half model to make its retail show debut in Tampa!!

Smaller Diesel Pushers at Tampa RV Show

Class A RVs

The already bestselling class a motorhome brand A.C.E. gets even better with the introduction of the new 27.1 model.  This new wall slide model is big on features, but small in size.  As the first ACE to feature a “King” bed, the 27.1 makes the most of wisely using space, yet inherits all the features that have made the ACE so successful. See why the A.C.E. (class A & class C Evolution) is the best selling gas Class A motorhome at the Tampa RV Show between the Expo Hall and Floating Restaurant.
  • Pet & Family Friendly / EZ Clean
  • Cockpit Overhead Bunk Bed
  • Compact & Easy to Drive
  • HD-MAX™ High Definition Exteriors Optional
  • Thor Motor Coach’s Motorhome Mud-Room™
  • PC Workstation & Tech Charging Station
Best of A Class A & Class C Motorhome at Tampa RV Show

For over 16 years the best selling Hurricane Class A Motorhomes have been the motorhome of choice for families hitting the road for RV adventure… See how the Hurricane is still turning heads with dynamic new exterior looks, and wows campers with increased interior ceiling height and expanded interior storage capabilities.  The new HD-MAX™ graphics are going to impress!
Be the first to check out the new 34E bath and a half model, or the 34F wall slide model!!
The new 2013 Windsport Class A RVs get an increase in interior height making the coach even more livable with more storage space.  Looks for the reasonably priced Windsport next to the floating restaurant at booth #205 at this year’s Florida RV Show.
  • HD-MAX™ High Definition Exteriors with Gel Coat Optional
  • Optional Cockpit Overhead Sleeper Bunk (Most Models)
  • 30′ to 35′ in Length
  • 34E & 34F models can accommodate a stackable washer and dryer
  • Thor Motor Coach’s Birds-Eye View Safety Window™
  • Available in 5 floor plans

Class A Motorhomes at Tampa RV Show

Luxury Gas-Powered Class A RVs

Trumping their competition, the gas-powered Dynamic Duo of Daybreak and Challenger continue their success with the introduction of new floorplans, stylish interior decors, and massive exterior storage spaces. The new 37GT Challenger has quickly became the most talked about new floor plan. The 37GT with its residential style kitchen with a beautiful peninsula bar and wine rack make for one the largest kitchen countertops in the industry. Stop in to find out why the 37GT is the most innovative floorplan of 2013…
Daybreak line of motorhomes are not only the best value in the luxury gas class a motorhome segment but the all new 32HD also offers the largest shower in its class.

Best Class A Motorhomes at Tampa RV Show

2013 Tampa RV Show’s Best of Show

HD-MAX at 2013 Tampa RV Show

What’s everyone talking about, Thor Motor Coach’s incredible new HD-MAX™ high definition full color exteriors with long lasting premium gel coat. HD-MAX™ should be at the top of the must see list for anyone looking for a new motorhome in 2013. This new innovation in exterior décor is turning the motorhome market upside-down. These amazing new color packages cost thousands of dollars less than the traditional full body paint schemes.  Look for the HD-MAX™ high definition color exteriors in the popular ACE, Hurricane, Windsport, Siesta, Citation, Four Winds, & Chateau brands including the Thor Motor Coach’s all new Super C Motorhomes.


For more info about Thor Motor Coach call (800) 860-5658, visit http://ThorMotorCoach.com/, or write to: Thor Motor Coach, Inc., PO Box 1486, Elkhart, Indiana 46515.

Thor Motor Coach Website: 
Top Motorhome Manufacturer
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Newest Toterhomes by Riderwest

A Look at the new 37MD Outlaw Toterhomes…

Whether you go on a yearly trip to the sand dunes to go ATVing or you travel to and from the motocross park every weekend, the Outlaw toterhome motorhome is well suited for a variety of camping adventures… Made by Thor Motor Coach—pioneer of the first full-production Class A toy hauler—

-Riderswest Online

Read the complete story>>
Learn More About The Outlaw Toterhomes>>


360 Review of the Outlaw 37MD Toterhomes

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 Download PDF Archive

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Super C Motorhomes Are Back… F550 Super Duty, Turbo Diesel, a Class C RV on Steroids

“Super C Motorhomes” are back at Thor Motor Coach, North America’s most chosen motorhome brand, with the introduction of the new 33SW F550 Super C Motorhomes. These new “Heavy Duty” diesel powered Ford F-550 Super Duty Class C Motorhomes will be available in both the Four Winds and Chateau brands, rounding out two of the most recognized and popular Class C RV brands in the market.

Super C Motorhomes / Ford Turbo Diesel Class C RV Ford-F-550 Super Duty Chassis

Newest super sized, super capacity, super towing, Super C Motorhomes built on top a Ford F550 Super Duty RV chassis is powered by Triton turbo diesel engine.

Sporting a Ford F-550 chassis, the 33SW motorhomes have a GVWR topping out at 19,500-lbs.  Power comes from a fuel sipping PowerStroke™ 6.7L diesel engine flexing a full 300-hp, and hefty 660-lb.ft, of torque.  That powerful combination, along with the Ford 6-speed transmission allows the 33SW to maximize the 10,000-lb. trailer hitch.  The coach comes standard with an electronic brake controller integrated in the dash, so consumers simply get in and go.

New Super Class C Motorhomes / Class C Diesel RV/ Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Chassis 2013

The 33SW’s Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis allows for a full wall slide opening up the 33 ft. floor plan…

Thor Motor Coach’s HD-MAX™ full color exteriors offer a sizzling, high-end exterior finish.  Every 33SW Super C comes with a long list of standard exterior features which include a 5.5 Onan generator with automatic start, dual 13.5K roof air conditioners, slam latch baggage doors, one-touch Bigfoot leveling jacks and a fully molded one-piece front cap.

Things get even better inside the motorhome with features which resemble a luxury yacht, instead of a typical class C motorhome.  Residential refrigerator, 30” over the range microwave, Solid surface countertops, solar and privacy window roller shades, and an 1800-watt power inverter make the short list of the motorhome’s game changing features.

“We are confident these new Super C’s will turn heads with the additional living space created using the Ford F550 super duty chassis.   Features like diesel power, more maneuverability, increased towing capability and better driving comfort  are what our customers tell us is missing from the larger Class C RV market”, remarked Joel Grimm, National Sales Manager for gas motorhomes at Thor Motor Coach.

The full details the new Thor Motor Coach Super Class C Motorhomes can be found at:  http://fourwinds-super-c.com  or http://chateau-super-c.com

For more information about Thor Motor Coach, call (800) 860-5658, visit http://ThorMotorCoach.com, or write to: Thor Motor Coach, Inc., PO Box 1486, Elkhart, Indiana 46515.

Sign Up To Receive Updates on The New Super C Motorhomes:

New Super C Motorhomes Newsletter Sign Up



About Thor Motor Coach, North America’s Top Motorhome Manufacturer:

Thor Motor Coach, Inc is an operating unit of Thor Industries, Inc. (NYSE:THO), manufacturer of various motorhomes and recreational vehicles that are sold throughout the United States, Canada and around the world. Thor Motor Coach’s RV brands include Super C Motorhomes and Class C Motorhomes; Four Winds and Chateau, Mercedes Benz Sprinter Based Diesel Motorhomes; Siesta Sprinter and Citation Sprinter, Class B Plus Motorhomes; Siesta and Citation, Class A Motorhomes Gas; A.C.E., Daybreak, Challenger, Hurricane, Windsport, and Outlaw Toy Haulers, Class A Diesel Motorhomes; Palazzo and Tuscany TAG & XTE.

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Palazzo Compact Diesel Pushers Reviewed by FMCA

FMCA Reviews the Newest Palazzo Compact Diesel Pushers: 
A Shorter RV That’s Tall On Features, Its Small Price Tag = Big Value!

Review of New Diesel Pushers: Palazzo Shorter Diesel Motorhomes

Benvenuto al mio Palazzo, “Or, welcome to my palace,” as they would say in Italy. However, this motorhome is not in Italy, and wasn’t made in Italy, but it does a fine job of serving as a palazzo — palace — on wheels.

A new RV manufacturing trend seems to be motorhomes that fit in the 33-foot to 34-foot length range with a sticker price below $200,000. Thor Motor Coach brings thier Palazzo compact diesel pushers right into this market niche. It appears that the company’s designers have done their homework, with another excellent addition to their diesel motorhome lineup.”

With this new length category for diesel pushers, and this combination for power and drivetrain, the Palazzo motorhomes drive more like a large SUV on steroids, with great pickup and passing manners.

“…the PC workstation in front of the copilot seat was appreciated, as was the “charging station” with 12-volt-DC and 120-volt-AC outlets. I was glad to see Thor Motor Coach makes good use of this otherwise wasted space where a typical front entry door would have been located on a diesel pusher.”

New Compact Diesel Motorhomes Under 40 ft. Under $200,000 Dollars

These compact diesel pushers don’t waste any space, even the copilot’s dash has a convenient built in flip out workstation with 110v/12v tech charging station.

The exterior is striking, with full-body paint and gel-coat siding. And, unlike many diesel motorhomes at this level, the Palazzo comes standard with dual-pane windows.

Compact Diesel Motorhomes | Class A Diesel Pushers Under 40 Ft.

Compact like a Swiss Army Knife, the Palazzo Diesel Motorhomes
are loaded with everything needed for your adventure .

“A large, tall, pass-through compartment with double doors also includes a convenient sliding tray positioned halfway up the height of the compartment; this turns it into a shelf to make it easier to store and gain access to items. An innovative cable pull opens the second door, and with this configuration, a center post is not needed.”

Compact Diesel Pushers Under $200,000 Dollars - Best Value of all the New Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Intelligently designed storage solutions are one of many reasons the Palazzo diesel pushers offer the best value in the class a diesel motorhome segment.

this will be a breakout product for Thor Motor Coach in 2013… If you are looking for an entry-level diesel pusher that has many of the options of higher-priced coaches and in a very drivable length, then you are going to want to test drive this motorhome.

- Reviewer Bob Zagami Family Motor Coaching Magazine

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Short Diesel Pushers: Compact Diesel Motorhomes Class A RV 2014

The 2013 Palazzo Compact Diesel Pushers are available in several premium exterior paint scheme including Cinnamon Shore shown above.

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